Monday, March 31, 2008

CHP Jan 2008

January 2008

I kept thinking back to my daughters drawings and thought that maybe I could invite other kids to submit drawings too and we would pick one of those to turn into a larger piece. Then I figured that it might be too hard to pick just one so thats when it turned into each artist making their own piece and having them individual yet all in one frame.

I kept going back to the train theme at the hospital and thought that each individual piece could represent a view looking out a window. I contacted the art teacheres two local elementary schools and asked if they would like to be involved. They were very enthusiastic about the project. I ran a contest at the two schools and gave the kids until the end of February to submit an 8" x 10" drawing to their teachers. The theme was "Looking thru a train window" with a little poem:

Riding on the train,

Happy as can be,

Looking out the window,

What do I see?

The winners will have the chance to see their drawing turned into a mosaic and I am also going to be offering a class for each of the winners to make their own small mosaic piece that they can keep.

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