Monday, March 31, 2008

CHP Nov 2007

November 2007

I began contacting several hospitals by email but only heard back from one, Children's Hospital in Detroit. I really wanted to see what kind of space was available so that I could formulate what size the finished artwork would be so I asked for a tour and was invited by Grace Serra, the Art Advisor. I still wasn't sure just what we were going to do so I dragged a fellow mosaic artist, Theresa Ruby, with me to bounce ideas off of. I knew that I wanted the piece to incorporate a childs point of view since it would be seen by many sick children.

Grace took us on a tour of the hospital and showed us all the artwork that was there already. She also gave us some ideas of what type of group project we might be able to do. When she took us into the pre-op/post-op area, it looked like it needed some cheering up. We started talking about something that might work in there. She mentioned that they were going to be getting a new counter and my mind went to the possibility of us mosaicing the front face of the counter. Grace liked that idea too so I went home to draw up some ideas.

At the November mosaic meeting I brought up my ideas to see what everyone thought and to see what kind of interest there was. There seemed to be quite a bit so I suggested we each do a small piece and incorporate them all together, sort of like a quilt.

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