Monday, March 31, 2008

Childrens Hospital Oct 2007

The current project I am working on involves a hospital, 2 elementary schools and 18 mosaic artists!! Since the project is already in progress, I am going to write the blog chronologically as I remember events happened.

October 2007

This project started as a simple way to get my daughter, Claudia, interested in what I love to do, making mosaics. She loves to draw so I thought what better way of combining her talents with mine. I had my daughter draw a few pictures and I tried to pick one that I thought would be fun to convert to a mosaic piece.

I belong to a Michigan mosaic group and we had talked about doing some sort of group exhibit. The more I thought of it the more it made me think that others in my group might want to work on a fun project too. I figured maybe 5 or 6 artists and I could work on a piece that would then be donated to a children's hospital.

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