Monday, March 31, 2008

CHP March 2008

March 2008
I picked up the drawings from the two schools. I had expected maybe 20 or 30, after all we just needed 16 good ones. I ended up receiving 102!!!

I brought them to our March mosaic meeting. It was crazy, everyone trying to narrow their choice down to just one drawing. Some of the artists did abstract art and were not looking for really detailed drawings. This fit really well with the more simple drawings. Some people like a lot of detail in their art and they picked the more detailed drawings. We had a few new people to our meeting and they wanted to make one too so we ended up with 18 pieces total. I had originally planned on one frame for 6 or 8 pieces. I changed it to 2 frames when I thought there were going to be 12 pieces, then 16 pieces. Now with 18 pieces, I am looking at 3 frames.

I had contacted a few places for information on wedi board, which I thought would make a good surface to do individual mosaics on. Kathy at was absolutely wonderful at answering all my questions and supplying us with the boards, all cut to size too. She also recommended some wonderful glass flowers that I used in my individual piece.

I had asked my brother Andrew, to make the original frame. He is an engineer but makes fantastic wood furniture. When I told him it was going to be 3 frames instead of 1 he didn't even question it!! Also, when I had told my mom about Andy making the frame, she said that was pretty neat seeing as he and his twin brother, Matt, had spent the first few months of their lives at that very same hospital. They were preemies and were taken from my mom and tranported to Childrens hospital. She said that she is a true believer that the care they received is the main reason they are still alive today!!

I had originally thought that there would only be 6 or 8 kids and I had planned to have the child artists' mosaic class in my basement. Now with 18 kids there is no way I would have the room so I asked around for suggestions as to places to call. The library by me wanted $25 an hour. The local park wanted $35 an hour plus $15 filing fee. I contacted the Orion Township library and she said that because it was nonprofit and also for the kids that it was free!! Free is for me!! I was able to reserve 2 days with a 2 hour time slot each. Then I had to call all the kids and let them know what days were available. So far it is working out ok. I have 1/2 scheduled for each day as long as no one needs to switch. I typed out a letter to each child with their name and time/date slot and personally addressed the letter to the child themself.

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