Saturday, April 5, 2008

CHP April 5

The kids tile class is coming up this week. One group of 9 kids will meet on Wednesday and one on Friday. Some of the parents have offered to help so that will be good. I still have to get all the tiles prepped and have been tumbling a lot of glass!! My friend Amy came over last night to help make some way to hang the tiles and I think its going to be really cute.

I will be volunteering at Fine arts night again this year and need a project for the kids to work on so I figured this would be another good opportunity for the kids to be in the design process of a mosaic. I am going to have each group work on a design and then decide on one to make for the 18" x 24" board. I will bring the board to Fine arts night and let the kids there make it. Then I will donate it to where I work for them to hang in the craft room. I work at an adult living facility where we have 6 live in residents with various ailments.

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