Thursday, April 9, 2009

SD mosaic project

I had called the Home Depot in Lake Orion to ask if they would consider donating some of the supplies that we needed and the manager was more than happy to help so I went there on Saturday. When I arrived, the manager handed me off to one of the employees, Dave Wilkie, who he said was a carpenter. Dave took me around the store to find the wood and I told him that I was looking for mdf to make a box of 1/2" x 15" x 18". He took those measurements and cut the wood to size. He did such a great job cutting that when I assembled it at home I had no problems at all!! He also got me come corner molding for the trim and the paint and caulk to seal the inside of the box.

The school has a tree which is already in a planter that they are interested in putting inside the box. I wanted to make sure that if they overwatered the tree or something that the box wouldn't fall apart so I am sealing the inside of the box with a waterproof sealer and caulking the inside corners. The moulding will make the edges of the box safer in case the kids bump into it.

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